Lokseva Bahuddeshiya Vikas Samstha

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Our Vision

  • We can start pushing harder to line up political support behind solution.
  • Our aim to provide some employment opportunity specifically to youth including apprenticeship.
  • Push for, or provide assistance to unemployed youth with their job searches .this can include interview training and counseling.
  • Promote traing and access to credit for youth who wish to start business.
  • We provide placement guidance in nearby villages and town or cities.

Our mission

  • Partnership with industries and sector for placement
  • Provide Training module to upgrade skill of youth
  • Integrate technology to match the job vacancies and candidate profile on real time basis
  • Information on local skills requirement to make the youth employable
  • An electronic space for skilled ,unskilled ,semiskilled worker form unorganized sector to display their service and for citizen contact them.

Aims and object of the foundation

  • To promote education, awewness, skill and IT trough establish the education institute.
  • 2.To help and agnate training programs for self employment of women and educated unemployed people to work for adult education
  • 3.To create education /training centre and health centre.
  • To educate people against taking drugs and alcohol
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Welcome to Lokseva Bahuddeshiya Vikas Samstha

Started in 2016 Lokseva Bahuddeshiya Vikas Samstha has built its reputation on providing the best services.

We provide the following services:

  1. Social Services
  2. Placement Services
  3. Event Management
  4. Contract Staffing
  5. Government DOC Assistant
  6. Project Work

About Lokseva Bahuddeshiya Vikas Samstha

Lokseva foundation is an NGO (non government organization) base in Nagpur Maharashtra, trough out our foundation we active members of community both male and female. Unemployment is a major problem of our country. This is particularly the case amongst the young. It means a person willing to work but unable to find a qualified Job. Many graduates, doctors, engineers, are unemployed.

Young people after a long time of unemployment find the wrong way to earn money. To get rid from unemployment stress they accept alcohol or drugs. it affect mentally as well as physically. Unemployment in India is serious social issue. That’s why we decide throughout our foundation we trying to help the people those are unemployed by giving them guidance, solution for their successful career, that they can earn money.

We can also take seminars including free education camp in Ruler area for better future of the country.

We really hope if need any kind of manpower in any industries from high to low kindly think about us, let us assure you that joining hands with us will defiantly be mutually beneficial. Give us chance to prove our service and we make you happy…

About Mr. Pranay Anil Jawase

Mr. Pranay is the proprietor of Lokseva Bahuddeshiya Vikas Samstha.

Our Location:

06, Zalde Layout
Bharat Nagar,Next To Ravi Nagar Square